Chapter 6

The Philoeconopolist Party

A philoeconopolist studies the philosophy, economics and politics of taxation. 

                              All American tax payers should become a member. 

                              Run For Congress. Represent your district as an elected U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator by
                              running for Congress in the next election. We must Abolish Income Taxes! In order to do that
                              we need the votes in Congress to get rid of income taxes. Contact your State's Election Board
                              and ask them what the rules are to register as a Candidate. Run for Congress on the
                              Philoeconopolist ticket. 

                              Join The Philoeconopolist Party 

                              Our primary purposes are to

                                 1) Abolish Income Taxes;

                                 2) draft a tax bill to replace income taxes
                                    with The Barber Plan and submit to Congress
                                    by April 15, 1998;

                                 3) establish a private corporation for the
                                    homeless, welfare recipients and needy families
                                    to plan, produce, market and sell products and
                                    services to compete in the local community and
                                    international marketplace;

                                 4) teach the philosophy, economics and politics of
                                    necessary taxation and teach the principles
                                    contained in Adam Smith's book "Wealth of Nations";

                                 5) promote controlled federal spending;

                                 6) promote a controlled growth rate of the federal

                                 7) promote State Sovereignty;

                                 8) provide for the care of the elderly, care for
                                    single women with children who need assistance,
                                    and for U.S. citizens who need immediate
                                    assistance; and 

                                 9) make our nation the leader in promoting health,
                                    education, general welfare, national defense,
                                    human rights, caring for animals and taking care
                                    of our environment and limited natural resources.

                              To get rid of income taxes join the Philoeconopolist Party and elect 290 new members to the U.S.
                              House of Representatives and elect 67 new members to the U.S. Senate to pass new tax
                              legislation with a required 2/3rds vote in both the House and the Senate. We can do it !!! 

Join The Philoeconopolist Party Today ! 
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