Iternal Revenue Service (IRS)

System of Records

IRS 00.001--Correspondence Files and Correspondence Control Files
IRS 00.002--Correspondence Files/Inquiries About Enforcement
IRS 10.001--Biographical Files, Public Affairs
IRS 10.004--Subject Files, Public Affairs
IRS 21.001--Tax Administration Resources File, Office of Tax
            Administration Advisory Services
IRS 22.003--Annual Listing of Undelivered Refund Checks
IRS 22.011--File of Erroneous Refunds
IRS 22.026--Form 1042S Index by Name of Recipient
IRS 22.027--Foreign Information System (FIS)
IRS 22.032--Individual Microfilm Retention Register
IRS 22.034--Individual Returns Files, Adjustments and Miscellaneous
            Documents Files
IRS 22.043--Potential Refund Litigation Case Files
IRS 22.044--P.O.W.-M.I.A. Reference File
IRS 22.054--Subsidiary Accounting Files
IRS 22.059--Unidentified Remittance File
IRS 22.060--Automated Non-Master File (ANMF) (formerly Manual
            Accounting Replacement Systems)
IRS 22.061--Individual Return Master File (IRMF) (formerly Wage and
            Information Returns Processing (IRP) File)
IRS 24.013--Combined Account Number File, Taxpayer Services (formerly
            Combined Account Number File, Returns Processing)
IRS 24.029--Individual Account Number File (IANF), Taxpayer Services
            (formerly Individual Account Number (IANF), Returns
IRS 24.030--Individual Master File (IMF), Taxpayer Services (formerly
            Individual Master File (IMF), Returns Processing)
IRS 24.046--Business Master File (BMF), Taxpayer Services (formerly
            Business Master File (BMF), Returns Processing)
IRS 24.070--Debtor Master File (DMF)
IRS 26.001--Acquired Property Records
IRS 26.006--Form 2209, Courtesy Investigations
IRS 26.008--IRS and Treasury Employee Delinquency
IRS 26.009--Lien Files (Open and Closed)
IRS 26.010--Lists of Prospective Bidders at Internal Revenue Sales of
            Seized Property
IRS 26.011--Litigation Case Files
IRS 26.012--Offer in Compromise (OIC) File
IRS 26.013--One Hundred Percent Penalty Cases
IRS 26.014--Record 21, Record of Seizure and Sale of Real Property
IRS 26.016--Returns Compliance Programs (RCP)
IRS 26.019--Taxpayer Delinquent Accounts (TDA) Files including
            subsystems: (a) Adjustments and Payment Tracers Files,
            (b) Collateral Files, (c) Seized Property Records,
            (d) Tax Collection Waiver, Forms 900, Files, and
            (e) Accounts on Child Support Obligations
IRS 26.020--Taxpayer Delinquency Investigation (TDI) Files
IRS 26.021--Transferee Files
IRS 26.022--Delinquency Prevention Programs
IRS 30.003--Requests for Printed Tax Materials Including Lists
IRS 30.004--Security Violations
IRS 34.003--Assignment and Accountability of Personal Property Files
IRS 34.005--Parking Space Application and Assignment
IRS 34.007--Record of Government Books of Transportation Requests
IRS 34.009--Safety Program Files
IRS 34.012--Emergency Preparedness Cadre Assignments and Alerting
            Rosters Files
IRS 34.013--Identification Media Files System for Employees and Others
            Issued IRS ID
IRS 34.014--Motor Vehicle Registration and Entry Pass Files
IRS 34.016--Security Clearance Files
IRS 34.018--Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS) Security Files
IRS 36.001--Appeals, Grievances and Complaints Records
IRS 36.002--Employee Activity Records
IRS 36.003--General Personnel and Payroll Records
IRS 36.005--Medical Records
IRS 36.008--Recruiting, Examining and Placement Records
IRS 36.009--Retirement, Life Insurance and Health Benefits Records
IRS 37.001--Abandoned Enrollment Applications
IRS 37.002--Files Containing Derogatory Information About Individuals
            Whose Applications for Enrollment to Practice Before the
            IRS Have Been Denied and Applicant Appeal Files
IRS 37.003--Closed Files Containing Derogatory Information About
            Individuals' Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service
            and Files of Attorneys and Certified Public Accountants
            Formerly Enrolled to Practice
IRS 37.004--Derogatory Information (No Action)
IRS 37.005--Present Suspensions and Disbarments Resulting from
            Administrative Proceedings
IRS 37.006--General Correspondence File
IRS 37.007--Inventory
IRS 37.008--Register of Docketed Cases and Applicant Appeals
IRS 37.009--Enrolled Agents and Resigned Enrolled Agents (Action
            Pursuant to 31 CFR, Section 10.55(b))
IRS 37.010--Roster of Former Enrollees
IRS 37.011--Present Suspensions from Practice Before the Internal
            Revenue Service
IRS 38.001--General Training Records
IRS 42.001--Examination Administrative File
IRS 42.008--Audit Information Management System (AIMS)
IRS 42.013--Project Files for the Uniform Application of Laws as a
            Result of Technical Determinations and Court Decisions
IRS 42.014--Internal Revenue Service Employees' Returns Control Files
IRS 42.016--Classification/ Centralized Files and Scheduling Files
IRS 42.017--International Enforcement Program Files
IRS 42.021--Compliance Programs and Projects Files
IRS 42.027--Data on Taxpayers Filing on Foreign Holdings
IRS 42.029--Audit Underreporter Case Files
IRS 42.030--Discriminant Function File (DIF)
IRS 44.001--Appeals Case Files
IRS 44.003--Unified System for Time and Appeals Records (Unistar)
IRS 44.004--Art Case File
IRS 44.005--Expert Witness and Fee Appraiser Files
IRS 46.002--Criminal Investigation Management Information System
            (CIMIS) (formerly Case Management and Time Reporting
            System, Criminal Investigation Division)
IRS 46.003--Confidential Informants, Criminal Investigation Division
IRS 46.004--Controlled Accounts--Open and Closed
IRS 46.005--Electronic Surveillance File, Criminal Investigation
IRS 46.009--Centralized Evaluation and Processing of Information Items
            (CEPIIs), Criminal Investigation Division
IRS 46.011--Illinois Land Trust Files, Criminal Investigation
IRS 46.015--Relocated Witnesses, Criminal Investigation Division
IRS 46.016--Secret Service Details, Criminal Investigation Division
IRS 46.022--Treasury Enforcement Communications System (TECS),
            Criminal Investigation Division
IRS 48.001--Disclosure Records
IRS 48.008--Defunct Special Service Staff File Being Retained Because
            of Congressional Directive
IRS 49.001--Collateral and Information Requests System
IRS 49.002--Competent Authority and Index Card--Microfilm Retrieval
IRS 49.003--Financial Statements File
IRS 49.007--Overseas Compliance Projects System
IRS 49.008--Taxpayer Service Correspondence System
IRS 50.001--Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations Correspondence
            Control Records (Form 5961)
IRS 50.003--Employee Plans/Exempt Organizations, Reports of
            Significant Matters in Technical (M--5945)
IRS 60.001--Assault and Threat Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.002--Bribery Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.003--Conduct Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.004--Disclosure Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.005--Enrollee Applicant Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.006--Enrollee Charge Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.007--Miscellaneous Information File, Inspection
IRS 60.008--Security, Background, and Character Investigation Files,
IRS 60.009--Special Inquiry Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.010--Tort Investigation Files, Inspection
IRS 60.011--Internal Security Management Information System (ISMIS)
IRS 70.001--Individual Income Tax Returns, Statistics of Income
IRS 90.001--Chief Counsel Criminal Tax Case Files
IRS 90.002--Chief Counsel Disclosure Litigation Case Files
IRS 90.003--Chief Counsel General Administrative Systems
IRS 90.004--Chief Counsel General Legal Services Case Files
IRS 90.005--Chief Counsel General Litigation Case Files
IRS 90.006--Former Chief Counsel Interpretative Case Files
IRS 90.007--Chief Counsel Legislation and Regulations Division,
            Employee Plans and Exempt Organizations Division, and
            Associate Chief Counsel (Technical and International)
            Correspondence and Private Bill File
IRS 90.009--Chief Counsel Field Services Case Files
IRS 90.010--Digest Room Files Containing Briefs, Legal Opinions, and
            Digests of Documents Generated Internally or by the
            Department of Justice Relating to the Administration of
            the Revenue Laws
IRS 90.011--Attorney Recruiting Files
IRS 90.013--Legal Case Files of the Chief Counsel, Deputy Chief
            Counsel, Associate Chief Counsels (Enforcement Litigation),
            (Domestic), (International), (Finance and Management),
            Special Counsel (Large Case), and their immediate staffs.
IRS 90.015--Reference Records of the Library in the Office of Chief
IRS 90.016--Counsel Automated Tracking System (CATS) Records
IRS 90.017--Correspondence Control and Records, Associate Chief
            Counsel (Technical and International)
IRS 90.018--Expert Witness Library
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