Abolish Income Taxes First Edition

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations"

The Origin and Use of Money


Of the Expense of Defense

Of the Expense of Justice

Of the Expense of Public Works

Of the Expense of Public Institutions

Of the Expense of Instruction

Of the Sources of Revenue

Of Taxes - Four Tax Maxims

Taxes Upon the Rent of Land

Taxes Upon the Produce of Land

Taxes Upon the Rent of Houses

Taxes Upon Profit

Taxes Upon the Profit of Particular Employments

Taxes Upon the Capital Value of Land Houses & Stock

Taxes Upon the Wages of Labour

Capitation Taxes

Taxes Upon Consumable Commodities

Of Public Debts

Declaration of Independence

Constitution of the United States

Income Tax

Unconstitution al

16th Amendment

Income Tax Act of 1913

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Chapter 3 Federal Reserve Bank (FRB)

Chapter 4 U.S. Government

Expenses, Revenue & the Deficit


National, Federal & Public Debt

Bureau of the Public Debt


Government Sponsored Enterprises

Chapter 5 The Barber Plan

Chapter 6 The Philoeconopolist Party

Run for Congress

Board of Elections

Federal Election Commission

Writing and Enacting Tax Legislation

Chapter 7 Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Act

IRS System of Records

IRS 24.030 Individual Master File (IMF)

IRS Appendix A

Request For Notification And Access Letter

Chapter 8 How to Decode Your IMF


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