Robert M. Barber for Congress
                   166 West 87th Street, #410
                    New York, NY 10024-2901


                                               George Vasile
                                               Campaign Coordinator

                                               (212) 579-7541



     NEW YORK CITY, New York, August 10 -- Robert M. Barber 

(Philoeconopolist) America's reknowned expert on taxation and the 

abolishment of the federal income tax, seeks the Congressional 

seat currently occupied by Jerrold Nadler of the 8th Congressional 

District (in NY) in the General Election held on Nov. 3rd '98.  The

8th Congressional District includes part of Manhattan, Upper West 

Side, Soho, Village, Clinton, Chelsea, Lower tip of Manhattan, and 

Brooklyn's Borough Park, Lincoln Square, Bensonhurst, Seagate, and 

Coney Island.

     Mr. Barber will be collecting 3,500 signatures needed on his 

Independent Candidate Petition to be placed on the ballot by Aug. 

18th '98 at the following Manhattan locations:

Tuesday,   August 11, 1998    7am 'til 10pm    72nd & Broadway
Wednesday, August 12, 1998    7am 'til 10pm    72nd & Broadway
Thursday,  August 13, 1998    7am 'til 10pm    72nd & Broadway
Friday,    August 14, 1998    5pm 'til 11pm    72nd & Broadway
Saturday,  August 15, 1998    7am 'til 11pm    72nd & Broadway
Sunday,    August 16, 1998    3pm 'til 10pm    72nd & Broadway
Monday,    August 17, 1998    5pm 'til 11pm    72nd & Broadway
Tuesday,   August 18, 1998    7am 'til 8pm     72nd & Broadway

     "My platform includes abolishing the federal income tax 

(currently a controversial issue debated by Congress)"  Barber 

said.  "I intend to abolish the federal income tax by 1) exposing 

the computer fraud committed by the IRS and 2) by assesing a 'One 

half of one percent' fee on the $727 Billion of daily securities 

transfered by the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB).  My plan 

provides exactly $919 Billion of tax revenue to the Federal 

government using the fee on the FRB method which is exactly what 

the IRS collects from the federal income tax yearly."

     Robert M. Barber is the founder of The Philoeconopolist Party 

founded in 1996.  He began his "1997 Abolish Income Taxes Tour" on 

April 15th '97 and went from State Capitol to State Capitol talking

with Americans about how they can help to Abolish Income Taxes.

He served his country as a U.S. Marine during the Vietnam conflict 

(DaNang, 1965), began studying the (philo)sophy, (econo)mics and

(pol)itics of taxation (philoeconopolist) in 1977, and is a

publisher, author, lecturer, tax and independent IRS Individual

Master File De-coding expert, and is an unbiased well-spoken self-

educated philosopher, economist, politician and is keeping abreast

with the latest issues concerning Foreign Affairs and world

finance.  Mr. Barber also conducts a half-day workshop for those

interested in learning how to De-code IRS Individual Master Files.

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