It's time for a change!

November 4, 1998 General Election

Vote for

Robert M. BARBER

for Congress

U.S. House of Representatives
8th Congressional District
New York

Ask the attendant at the election polling place to show
you how to "write-in" a Candidate's name. Write-in my
name Robert M. BARBER

* Invest in 13-week U.S. Treasury T-Bill securities

* Invest in U.S. Savings Bonds

* Raise the Federal Debt Limit to $6.5 Trillion

* Impose a fee on Federal Reserve Bank daily securities transfers

* $100 Billion Federal Grant money for business
startups for people existing in poverty

* $400 Billion Federal low interest loan money
to fund existing small businesses who do
business in their local community

* $500 Billion Federal low interest loan money
to fund a National Healthcare Program

* $100/Yr. cost for College Education on the Internet

* End Workfare slave labor

* Restrict Federal Campaign contributions to one tenth
of office salary per primary/general/special election

* Abolish Income Taxes Website >
Email >

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